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Oyster Sample Valve

The solution to obtaining product samples from a wide range of production processes.

Oyster Sample Valve

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The Mucon Oyster Sample valve is designed to quickly and easily extract powder samples from Reactors, Dryers and Conveying Systems with minimal disruption to the production process.The standard Oyster Sample Valve has a non-intrusive piston with a sample port at an angle to the main body into which the sample material falls under gravity when the valve is opened.The sample port is equipped with a purging valve, which can be used to equalise pressure / vacuum to the outside.The Sample Valve itself is attached to the vessel by means of a Tri-Clamp or Mounting Flange. Mounting arrangements can be customised if required.


  • 316L Stainless steel contact parts
  • Non-contact parts are produced in 304L or 316L if preferred
  • Piston - PTFE
  • Tri-Clover Gasket
  • Bronze Drive Bush
  • FEP or Kaflon O Rings


The easy and quick solution to extracting powder samples from a wide variety of process machinery such as;

  • Dryers
  • Reactors
  • Conveying Systems

Options de

  • Automatic operation
  • CIP version
  • High Containment sample taking
  • Hastelloy H22 product contact parts
  • Scotchbrite or Electro–Polished finish for non-contact surfaces
  • Mounting PN6 or PN Flange


  • Robust design
  • Non-Intrusive sample extractive
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Few product components makes it easy and quick to strip down and reassemble – No special tools required
  • A wide variety of non-contact surfaces
  • ATEX classification if required for potentially explosive environments.
  • Purging valve with Tri-clamp attachment for easier cleaning


  • The standard Sample Valve is DN 50 with a 40mm sample port. Other sizes can be produced to suit customer applications.
  • A choice of contact parts to suit abrasive material applications
  • Manual actuation via hand wheel as standard – Automatic operation can also be provided
  • Operating Pressure -1 to 3.5 barg
  • Operating Temperature 30°C to 150°C
  • Design Pressure is 10 bar
  • A selection of Valve Mounting options – Tri-Clamp, PN6 Flange and PN10 Flange.
  • Customised mounting to suit customer requirements is also catered
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